Discovering Why Your Fitness Goals Keep Eluding You


If you’ve made a conscious effort to increase your fitness for a healthier and happier future, you should remember that any progress is a good thing. Nonetheless, failing to hit your targets can cause a great deal of stress. In many cases, it can cause enthusiasts to give up altogether.

Follow the same processes, and you will see the same results. Therefore, identifying the reasons why you keep missing the target is a key step to overcoming the obstacles. Here are five potential problems that could hold you back.


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Unrealistic Targets
While it’s true that you can’t score if you don’t shoot, attempting the impossible shot will result in failure. You are not a millionaire full-time athlete supported by sports scientists and photo editors. If you’re expecting to gain the perfect physique like they show off on Instagram, you will be left disappointed.

Likewise, you should respect the fact that not everyone can run a 2:30 marathon time or deadlift 350kg. Genetics and biology will dictate where your ceiling stands. One of the best things you can do, then, is learn to compete against yourself rather than others. Support his ideas by getting into the habit of using small and regular milestones along the way.

As you hit the mini targets, your confidence and motivation levels will soar.


Poor Diet
It’s the oldest cliché in the book, but you cannot outrun a bad diet. Adopting a healthy diet of home cooking even when you’re not a natural chef makes a big difference. Aside from the fact that you’ll be eating healthier foods, it becomes a lot easier to track your intake. Once again, this can become a huge motivational weapon.

Eating nutritionally valuable foods is vital, but it’s not the only ingredient in the recipe for success. Bloating, IBS, and similar issues can seriously impact your hopes of staying on track. Therefore, you must get tested for food allergies and gain a deeper understanding of your body. Otherwise, seemingly healthy foods could pose a major obstacle.

For the easiest upgrade, try to drink more water too.


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The phrase ‘no pain, no gain’, means that you should push yourself hard. Sadly, many people fall into the trap of forcing themselves to keep working out when they are hindered by an underlying injury. This can significantly impact your capabilities in the gym or on the court. Worse still, untreated problems can escalate into something worse.

Early intervention reduces the damage and shortens the recovery time. A chiropractor can correct back pains and postural issues. This subsequently boosts overall health. However, injuries to limbs or other body parts should be attended to ASAP too. In some cases, wearing supportive attire and accessories can aid your cause too.

If nothing else, the pain of an injury may see your motivation decline.


Lack Of Fun
It’s far easier to stay consistent when fitness is a hobby rather than a chore. While you may have found a workout that promises to help transform your body, you won’t see any progress after giving it up. Finding ways to inject a little enjoyment into your daily workouts is crucial if you want to enjoy the longevity needed for big results.

You can find fun in several forms. Whether it’s playing team sports, joining fitness classes, or competing against friends with fitness trackers is up to you. In fact, you can even combine fitness with tech through gaming treadmills. Whatever you do, remember to mix it up. Aside from curing boredom, it keeps your body on its toes. In turn, greater progress is shown.

Besides, when fitness is fun, you won’t care if the journey to your goals is a little slower.


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Outside Factors
Body transformations aren’t all about what you do in the gym and the kitchen. It is a 24/7 commitment. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a night out or missing a session due to illness, you must not let life get in the way. Your career and other outside elements have significant roles to play in your life, but nothing is more crucial than your health.

No two people have identical lives, but we all need to get organized. Using Apps to schedule workouts into your day, along with those that remind you to stay hydrated are very useful. In truth, taking control of other life aspects through automated payments and processes can free up more time too. This way, you’ll have no excuse for avoiding workouts.

Essentially, if you make your health goals a priority, you won’t go far wrong.

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