Black & Purple X Nails

Black & Purple X Nails

The other night I did my nails as my way of decompressing and relaxing for the night. I decided I wanted to play around with my nail striping tape some more. Originally, I wanted to do a double v with the tape, but I was getting frustrated with trying to place the tape in the v-shape and getting the tape angled correctly. So I gave up on that (for now, I’ll try again another time!) and just made x’s with the tape I had already cut out for the v’s. I painted my thumbs and pinkies black using “Knockout” from Revlon. I painted my pointer, middle, and ring fingers purple with Essie’s “All Access Pass”. Once my nails were dry I put the striping tape on and painted over the purple with the black polish. When that was dry, I peeled off the tape and finished it off with a top coat.

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Black & Purple Nails
Black & Purple Nails + Nail Tape
Black & Purple X Nails
Black & Purple X Nails 1
Black & Purple X Nails 2

As I was painting my nails I started to worry that the purple would be too dark and it wouldn’t pop against the black, but I really like the way this turned out! I figure this is the last time I can wear black polish before I start opting for brighter colors for spring and summer. I’ll try the double v nail art another time when I have more time and patience!

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