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I was thinking recently about movies that I loved when I was younger that you don’t hear much about. Movies popular to me, if you will. Now, since these movies are all from when I was in elementary school and middle school I don’t really know how popular these movies were in the theater. ButI don’t think they were terribly popular or else I think I’d hear more about them today. So over the past few days I jotted down the names as they came to me of movies I loved back in the day and would watch over and over again. Once I got to 5 I was ready to post this!

  1. Wild America – I used to love this movie! Based on 3 real brothers in the 60s who want to become famous nature documentary filmmakers. They go on a road trip one summer and have an adventure.
Wild America - Movie Poster
Wild America

So I used to have this movie on VHS therefore I haven’t watched in years. I just looked to see how much a DVD costs on Amazon – if it’s even available on DVD. It is, but it costs over $50!

2. North – This is a movie I watched multiple times when I was little, but I don’t think I really understood it. I mostly watched it for the funny parts. North, played by a young Elijah Wood, wants new parents so he searches the world for the perfect ones. I remember he goes to Texas where everything is extra large and he goes to Alaska and he seems to enjoy that a lot but then he finds out they put their elderly relatives on ice floats to float away. It was entertaining to see him go from place to place. I definitely have to see this movie again as an adult.

North - movie poster

3. That Thing You Do – This movie followed a group of young guys in a band in 1960s Pennsylvania who wanted to make it big. Tom Hanks plays their manager and after 1 big hit they make it famous. They become sort of like an American Beatles. The songs were all catchy and there’s a love story mixed in there too. I definitely had the soundtrack to this movie!

that thing you do - movie poster

4. Center Stage – I’ve mentioned it on here before but I danced all through my school years. Well, until I graduated high school. And I’ve actually signed up for a class this summer because I miss it so much! More on that this summer, but back to the movie. Every dancer I know back in 2000 went to see Center Stage and loved it. It’s such a good movie. Sure, the acting isn’t spectacular, but it’s all about dance!

center stage - movie poster
center stage

5. The Pagemaster – I loved this animated movie as a kid but I don’t think it got the attention it deserved! Voiced by Macauley Culkin, a young boy goes to the library and gets sucked into this fantasy world with literary characters – that’s when the movie turns into an animated one. I don’t know how it fared in the box office back in the 90s, but I think if it was a big hit it wouldn’t be virtually forgotten today!

the pagemaster - movie poster
the pagemaster

So those are some movies from my childhood and pre-teen years that I used to watch a lot. I really need to see all these movies again. I think Center Stage is the only one I have on DVD, so I’ll have to find some way to watch the others!



  1. kellynotkatie

    THAT THING YOU DO IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIE EVER!!!!! I’m so happy you listed it – it seems like nobody has ever heard of it when I bring it up and so they don’t want to watch it. But Tom Hanks is such a treasure, and the story is just so good!!

  2. TheMakeupCase17

    That Thing You Do is one of my favorite movies ever. I have a friend who is a huge fan of it too and we’ll randomly text each other lines from it and then respond with the next line. We know this movie by heart.

      1. TheMakeupCase17

        I remember having the theatre to myself when I first saw it. My own private screening. I think it did ok in its theatrical release.

        All the other movies you listed were all flops at the box office. I’d heard of them all but I know they did not do well. Pagemaster had a huge hype campaign for it because Mac was the “next big thing” due to the success of Home Alone. But it just didn’t live up to the hype.

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