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Combatting Illness In The Family: How You Can Cope

While we all live in hope that nothing devastating ever happens to our families or loved ones sometimes, things do happen. Diseases such as cancer, for example, can hit a family hard. Whether it is the children or a parent, it can seem like such a hopeless situation to be in. We don’t wish the scenario on anyone, and we hope that we don’t have to witness it ourselves. But life can take a turn, especially if you have older relatives or friends in the family. While this isn’t always such a nice topic to discuss it is important that we know exactly how to get through tough times, just incase. So with that in mind here’s a few tips and advice on how to get through a tough time if a member of your family becomes ill. 


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Support one another
It goes without saying but at times like this families can show just how strong they are. Supporting one another will be key to getting through this time on the other side. If your child is ill then as parents, you need to remember to support one another and keep the family together. If a parent becomes ill, then seek adult support from another family member and friend. It’s important to have that sense of unity and togetherness. 


Be aware of how medical changes can benefit
There is always going to be changes when it comes to new solutions to try, medications and therapies that may help alleviate the symptoms that can be caused through diseases such as cancer. It might be that you want to do what you can to be more knowledgeable on things such as intercostal nerve block which can relieve cancer pain, different radiotherapy or chemo that could help prolong life. Even things like mindset and holistic therapies that might help. The more you try and become aware of, the better quality of life you may be able to help your loved one achieve. 


Show your support outside of your family unit
Knowing that there are many charities out there to support some of the diseases and illness we face is reassuring. Charities can offer additional support for many situations; it is what they are there for. So it can be nice to show your support by raising money or making people aware of the charity. This can be done by the things you wear. It can be a simple as wearing a bracelet in support or something similar. Of course, no one expects things to happen straight away, your priority is your family. But it can be quite comforting to know that you are doing your bit and letting the world know in your own subtle way. 


The importance of keeping things normal
Families, especially ones with children, thrive on routine. So it’s important to try and keep a level of normality throughout the difficult time. This means sticking to school drop offs and school clubs when possible. It’s still having the family meal at night if that’s what you do. Keeping things normal will make you feel somewhat normal, in what can be a very difficult time. This is important not just if you happen to be in the family unit where someone is suffering from an illness or a disease, but also important in terms of support for the loved ones that are perhaps not in our company 24/7. It can still affect you physically and mentally, and so sticking with the routine of normal life can help to normalise what can be an extremely difficult time. 


Allow yourself and your family the moments of sadness
We all get those moments of sadness. They can be overwhelming and difficult to stop. But the best thing you can do is let yourself and your family have those moments. They can be a huge release at times. It’s comforting to know that you can let yourself be with your feelings, and it can motivate you to become positive once again about the situation. 


Remain positive with one another
Finally, the best advice is to remain positive with one another. It will be a difficult time but for many it is only temporary. Medicine and hospitals are fantastic, and things are changing in that world all the time. It is important to keep a positive mindset for yourself and for others around you. 

While it’s never something we wish to happen, let’s hope that if you find yourself reading this article in a time of need that it helps a little. 

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