Book Review: A Game of Gods

This week I read A Game of Gods – the newest book in the A Touch of Ruin series and the last book in the Hades Saga. If you’re unfamiliar with the series, it is a spicy Hades x Persephone romance series and the A Game of…books are Hades POV. This one however is multi-POV and includes Hades, Dionysus, and Theseus.

A Game of Gods takes place during the same time as A Touch of Malice, but told from other points of view primarily Hades, instead of Persephone. I always love reading Hades’ POV because so much goes on, especially with the other Gods. In this book Hades and Persephone are engaged and need to secure the blessing of Zeus. Demeter is furious that her daughter is with Hades and punishing the upper world with fierce snowstorms in the middle of the summer. Meanwhile, demi-gods are attaching gods and goddesses and plotting to overthrow the Olympians.

I read A Touch of Malice so long ago that I actually forgot a lot of what happened in that book until I read this one and it jogged my memory. It might’ve been repeating major events from the other book, but I didn’t care because I was just so happy to be back in that world and reunited with characters I love.

I have a theory on what the last book in the series, A Touch of Chaos, is going to be about, but I can’t say without spoiling this book! It does end in a cliffhanger and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

A Touch of Chaos comes out in the spring after it was pushed back by a few months. I can’t wait to see how it all concludes, but I’m going to miss this world so much. I know Scarlett St. Clair has plans to write a book about Aphrodite and Hephaestus, which I can’t wait for. I also absolutely loved Dionysus and Ariadne in this book and hope she writes a book for them too! As always, I love Hecate and Hermes is so fun. Scarlett St. Clair recently posted that she plans to write a series of short stories about them solving silly crimes together and I think that would be so funny.

Are you a fan of this series?

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