Books Where He Gives Her Food

I’ve been on a roll with the book picks with very specific tropes lately. If you missed it, I recently posted about books where he takes care of her when she’s sick or injured. Since I absolutely love food I had to do a roundup of books I love where he gives her food and it’s a big deal.

  • The Kiss Quotient – Stella hadn’t eaten all day, because she was hyper focused on work. I think she ate a granola bar or energy bar or something like that. Michael realizes and takes her home and makes her noodles.
  • The Spanish Love Deception – Lina is hungry and Aaron stops at her favorite taco place. She asks for three tacos, then changes her mind and tells him four. He buys her five.
  • The Fine Print – Zahra is working late and Rowan gets Chinese takeout. He doesn’t know what she likes so he orders one of everything.
  • Kingdom of the Wicked – Wrath knows that Emilia misses cooking and the delicious food her family would make at home and at their restaurant. He surprises her with a feast plus little things like plates of cannolis.
  • By a Thread – He knows she’s been eating very little and rationing her meals because she’s short on money so he buys her meals and pretends it’s not a big deal like bringing her breakfast etc.

Do you love this trope too?

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