Book Review: By a Thread

I’m a big fan of Lucy Score after reading Things We Never Got Over and Things We Hide from the Light so I’ve been wanting to read more by her from her backlist. I just finished By a Thread a couple days ago and loved it!

By a Thread is a grumpy sunshine, enemies to lovers, workplace romcom with a dual POV. The novel follows Dominic Russo, the creative director of Label – a fashion magazine owned by his family, and Ally Morales, a graphic designer and jill of all trades.

Dominic is the creative director of his family’s very successful fashion magazine having recently taken the post after his disgraced, estranged father was forced out after a scandal. His mother is the editor-in-chief. When the grumpy Dominic is out for lunch with his mother at a pizza place one day he meets Ally who is working as a waitress. Ally has multiple jobs as she tries to make enough money to pay the bills and take care of other family issues. Dominic and Ally instantly hate each other and do not get along at all at the pizza place leading to Dominic getting her fired. Dominic’s mother finds Ally afterwards and offers her a job in the admin pool of the magazine.

Now, Dominic and Ally have to see each other and realize that part of their hate for each other is really that they hate that they’re attracted to each other. As they get to know each other more they realize they really do like each other, but after his father’s scandal Dominic refuses to get involved with any employee. Despite having a lot going on personally, Ally is still frustrated that Dom will not give them a chance. But, how long can he avoid getting involved with Ally? How long can Ally hang on and handle all of her problems on her own without letting someone like Dom help her?

I loved this book! I wasn’t quite as invested/obsessed with it as TWNGO and TWHFL but it was still an addicting spicy, grumpy sunshine romcom.

Spoiler Alert

I really liked that during the 3rd act breakup Dom had to grovel for a while before Ally let him back in and it wasn’t just a quick make up. Sometimes I like when breakups aren’t drawn out, but sometimes I also don’t like when the person is forgiven too quickly. I liked the timeline of this one!

End Spoiler Alert

I really liked both Dom and Ally and I thought they were so good together. I also appreciated that the main characters were older and in their 30s and 40s!

I definitely can’t wait to read more of Lucy Score’s backlist.

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