Book Review: Things We Never Got Over

When I tell you that I’m obsessed with this book, I mean obsessed. I’ve had Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score on my tbr since last year and it’s actually been on my bookshelf for over a month now. I finally read it and finished it yesterday which happened to be the release date for book 2 in the Knockemout series.

The book is a dual POV, which you know is my favorite. It follows Naomi Witt, a woman in her mid 30s, who leaves her husband at the altar when her estranged twin sister, Tina, calls and asks for her help. She was already having major reservations about getting married to her fiancΓ© so this gave her the perfect excuse. She arrives in Knockemout, Virginia, a small town outside DC, disheveled from leaving straight from her wedding, and driving from Long Island to northern Virginia overnight. But when she arrives in the small town, she is not exactly given a warm welcome. Tina has been a troublemaker her whole life and her year in Knockemout has not made her any friends with all the havoc she has wreaked. So when Naomi arrives and everyone mistakes her for Tina, she finds herself on the receiving end of an angry (and hot) man yelling at her to get out of the coffee shop because he’s told her countless times she’s not welcome.

Not only has Tina lured her to town under false pretenses, she steals Naomi’s car and leaves town leaving Naomi behind with no car or money and also a 11 year old niece she never knew she had. Once the people in town, including the shouty grump aka Knox Morgan, realize she is not Tina they more than welcome her to town as she figures out her life.

One of her biggest supporters, even though he is a big grump? Knox Morgan. Their relationship is scorching hot and I love them so much. He protects Naomi and cares for her when she is used to always being the way to take care of others. She helps him open up and consider changing his ways from his anti-relationship stance. And Waylay, Naomi’s niece, is amazing. I loved her and there’s one scene with her in the salon that had me tearing up because I felt so bad for her upbringing with Tina.

This book has so many things I love: small town romance, grumpy sunshine, touch her and you die, etc. Some people consider this to have fake dating as well, but I don’t think it really counts. Without giving too much away, after Naomi and Knox have already hooked up, her parents come to visit and see them together and she doesn’t want them to think badly of her so they say they’re dating. This leads people to believe they’re in an actual relationship, which neither of them clarifies. The reason I don’t consider it fake dating is because even though they decided not to put a label on it at first, all their actions of those of an actual couple. And I often think of the fake dating trope to be a pair that seriously just pretend to be dating for some goal but nothing is happening between them at all (until later, naturally). But here, they’re actually sleeping together, acting like a couple, and in each other’s and each other’s families’ lives. So I consider it to be real dating that they just deny is a real relationship haha.

The book is a chunky one at over 500 pages, but the storyline and characters are so good that I read it in no time at all!

Anyway, I love Naomi and Knox so much and the whole town! My pre-order of book 2, Things We Hide from the Light should be arriving in a day or so since it already shipped. I’m going to wait a couple weeks before I read it though because I know I’ll fly through it and then I’ll be in serious withdrawals for the series and characters until book 3 comes out in the fall. Book 2 is about Nash, Knox’s police chief brother and I cannot wait!

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