Books Where He Takes Care of Her When She’s Sick/Injured

Okay, I know “books where he takes care of her when she’s sick or injured” is an extremely specific trope, but it’s real and I love it!

Here are a handful of books that I love that have this trope. This post does contain some spoilers!

  • When Gracie Met the Grump – When Alex takes care of Gracie when she gets very sick after being held captive.
  • The Fine Print – When Zahra gets really sick (I think with pneumonia) and Rowan takes care of her.
  • The Hating Game – When Lucy gets sick after paintball and Josh takes care of her and calls his doctor brother.
  • From Lukov With Love – When Jasmine starts burning up with a fever during practice and Ivan takes care of her for days while her family is away.
  • The Wall of Winnipeg and Me – When Vanessa is hurting after training for her marathon (and after the actual marathon) and Aiden takes care of her with massages and food.
  • Once Upon a Broken Heart – When Evangeline gets poisoned and Jacks rushes to get her to someone who can help her.
  • The Ballad of Never After – When Evangeline is cursed and gets really injured and Jacks comes to help her.

Do you like this trope too?

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