Book Review: Maggie Moves On

I finished another Lucy Score book earlier this week, Maggie Moves On. I hear about this book every once in a while, but not as much as her other books and I think it’s seriously underrated!

Maggie Moves On follows Maggie Nichols and Silas Wright. Maggie is a popular and very successful house flipper with a YouTube channel who arrives in Kinship, Idaho to renovate a mansion on a hill, the Old Campbell Place as it’s affectionately known, in the small town. Silas is the owner/operator of a successful landscaping company in town. Maggie hires the landscape architect and his company to redo the outdoor space of the Old Campbell Place.

Maggie is not looking for a relationship or anything serious. She has been moving from house project to house project for years and doesn’t even have a home base anymore. But she can’t deny that Silas is very good looking and also very kind and flirty. Silas, on the other hand, falls head over heels for Maggie almost immediately and is very upfront with her that he’s going to win her over.

The two work on the house, along with the other contractors and crew, over the months and get to know each other better than anyone. Maggie also does a lot of growing and self reflection during her time working on this house, especially because she has a lot of issues and family trauma that has shaped her life so far. Will the kindness of Kinship and the love and loyalty of Silas make Maggie want to stay and not move on like she always does?

I loved Maggie and Silas so much. They were both such great characters and I loved following along as they worked on the house. Silas’ love for Maggie from the beginning was something different, in a good way! I really liked how supportive he was of Maggie, but also how he wasn’t afraid to call her out on any of her bs. The side characters were also really good and I especially loved Cody and the family he finds in Maggie and Silas.

Overall, I loved this book and think it’s totally underrated! Read this if you want a spicy, small town romcom with found family vibes.

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