Book Review: Fourth Wing

Sometimes super popular books get overhyped. There have been a couple times when I’ve read very popular books and liked them, but didn’t love them. Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros has been all over bookstagram and it lives up to the hype for me!

Fourth Wing was fantastic and I’m obsessed. It follows 20 year old, Violet Sorrengall, as she begins her training in the Riders Quadrant at the War College in the kingdom of Navarre. Violet is petite and has a chronic illness leaving her easily injured so she’s not the typical dragon rider. In fact, Violet has studied all her life to be part of the Scribe Quadrant. However, her mother is the commanding general of the school and has told Violet she has no choice but to become a dragon rider like her older siblings. Her father, who was a scribe, has passed away and now her mother is forcing her to become a dragon rider.

The riders train to ride dragons and fight in the war that has been going on for centuries with a neighboring kingdom. It’s hard for Violet due to her smaller size and how easily she gets injured, but as much as Violet did not want to be part of the Riders Quadrant at the beginning she begins to feel like this is the right place for her and she will train nonstop to get stronger.

Riders not only have to learn how to fight and become strong enough to ride dragons, but they have to get through Threshing, which is like a deadly obstacle course, and then a dragon has to want to bond with you. If you’re seen as weak, a dragon may not want you. Not only do the riders have to survive all this training, but they can also kill each other. After all, the less competition there is, the better chances there are for you to get a dragon.

Violet makes a few friends and a few enemies. Her squad leader is her childhood best friend, Dain, who is protective of her and tries to get her to go back to being a Scribe (as if she has a choice). Her wing leader is a third year, Xaden Riorson, the most powerful rider currently out there and her enemy. Xaden’s father was considered a traitor to the kingdom during the war and executed under the command of Violet’s mother. That same war killed Violet’s older brother. So Violet blames Xaden’s father for her brother’s death and Xaden blames Violet’s mother for his father’s death. As much as they are enemies, they are part of the same wing and Xaden finds himself wanting to help Violet train so she can survive and Violet finds herself wanting the incredibly hot Xaden’s help because he’s the strongest of them all.

I’m telling you, this book was so good. I finished it two days ago and I’m still thinking about it! I’m obsessed with Violet and Xaden. It is a delicious enemies to lovers story. I love Xaden so much. He’s protective of Violet, but also so supportive and knows she’s capable of so much and badass. He doesn’t coddle her or control her.

Violet’s whole training was so good to watch/read and I loved her journey. I loved that although she got stronger, she didn’t magically become the best. She learned what would work for her. For example, when she’s too short to do certain things in the obstacle course, she figures out a way to still get up.

Violet’s friends were amazing characters and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book with them especially with how the book ended.

The dragons were also a great part of the book and I love that they can communicate with their riders in their minds. They were such good characters!

The battle at the end of the book had me at the edge of my seat and I sobbed! That’s all I’ll say about that.

I can’t say enough good things about this book. The characters were so good, there was enemies to lovers filled with tension, mystery, magic, dragons, fighting, spice. All the things! This book deserves all the stars! I can’t wait for the next book to come out this fall.

Read this if you want a steamy/spicy slow burn, enemies to lovers fantasy romance.

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