Book Review: A Kingdom of of Stars & Shadows

I was pretty nervous that I would fall into a depressing book hangover after Fourth Wing, but starting the A Kingdom of Stars & Shadows series right after helped keep that at bay.

This fantasy romance is full of spice and is such a fast paced read. It follows Adara, a human, who was born with star marks on her face and back. She is considered Starblessed. When she was born, she was betrothed to the fae prince. The fae believe that drinking the blood of a Starblessed will heighten their powers and there is a prophecy that they believe specifically pertains to her and that her blood and bethrothal to the prince will determine the future of the kingdom. Adara does not want to go to live with the fae royal family and definitely doesn’t want to be forced into a marriage with Prince Gavril so he can take her blood, but she has no choice.

The one person she meets on her way that she feels like she may be able to trust is the captain of the royal guard, Evren, and they have lots of chemistry. Once they arrive at the palace she quickly learns a few things: Gavril is quite charming, the Queen runs the show and is cold and frankly a big b, the King seems kind of unbothered by things, and Evren? He’s not just the captain of the royal guard, but also Gavril’s brother. Now, not only does Adara not want to have to marry Gavril but she’s extremely attracted to his brother and he seems to want her too. When the kingdom is threatened by vampyres who also want the Starblessed, Evren is in charge of protecting Adara and takes her away. Will they be able to escape from danger? Will Adara be able to either run away or convince Evren to help her never have to go back and marry Gavril?

This was a really fun and entertaining read. It has quite a bit of spicy scenes in it considering it’s a forbidden romance, not that I’m complaining! Like I mentioned earlier, it is a quick read at 272 pages so I was able to finish it in 2 days and I’ve started book 2! You’ll definitely want to get the whole series because book 1 ends on a cliffhanger!

Read this if you want a spicy fantasy romance with the forbidden romance trope.

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