Book Review: Where Good Girls Go to Die

I’ve been wanting to read Holly Renee’s Where Good Girls Go to Die series for a while now. I’m a fan of her fantasy series, A Kingdom of Stars and Shadows, so I wanted to give her contemporary romance a try.

The novel follows Olivia and Parker. Livy has liked Parker, her older brother’s best friend, since they were kids. What she doesn’t know is that Parker has had feelings for her for a long time too. When things finally start to look like things are looking good for them and they can actually be together, everything goes wrong and Livy leaves town the day after her high school graduation.

The novel goes back and forth between present day and the events that happened in the past. When the novel begins it is present day, 4 years after Livy left. She struggled in college and ended up becoming a stripper. One night at work she is working a bachelor party only to find out that Parker is there and he’s the one getting married.

Parker and Livy’s brother, Mason, force her to leave and come home and now she needs to start a new life. As much as she wants to avoid Parker since he is engaged, she can’t escape him as she becomes the new receptionist at his tattoo shop. Meanwhile, Parker and Livy need to come to terms with their feelings for each other and what happened 4 years ago.

I really enjoyed this novel and loved Livy and Parker. It was a fast and entertaining read. I loved the tension and how much Livy and Parker wanted each other, but tried to fight it.

I’m looking forward to reading the next 2 books! The next one is about Staci and Mason!

Read this book if you want a spicy contemporary romance with the second chance romance and brother’s best friends tropes.

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