Book Review: Say You Swear

I’ve seen so many people say they love Say You Swear by Meagan Brandy so it’s been on my tbr for a while I finally read it and unfortunately I didn’t love it!

Saw You Swear has a few different POVs, but focuses mainly on Arianna or Ari and Noah. Ari, her twin brother Mason, and their best friends have grown up together – their parents are even all best friends. And for as long as she’s known him, Ari has had a huge crush on Chase, one of their best friends. Although Chase has shown an interest in her too, he’s always held back because of Ari’s brother and his best friend. When Ari and Chase get together one night at their shared beach house before college, Ari thinks they’ll finally be together. But when Chase pulls back, she spends the next few months heartbroken. The person who helps her recover and come back into her own is Noah, the quarterback for the college team where her brother and their best friends play. The two become good friends and eventually fall in love. However, tragedy strikes leaving the future of Ari and Noah up in the air. Will they make it through?

The storyline wasn’t bad and I actually really loved Noah – he was hands down my favorite character. Ari was okay, sometimes she did some things that annoyed me but overall she wasn’t a bad character. What brought the book down for me aka made it less enjoyable for me was the dialogue. A lot of it was just not good (in my opinion) and somewhat cringey. The last 25% or so got better and I wanted to know how it would all wrap up.

Overall, it was an okay book for me!

Read this if you want a moderately spicy friends to lovers sports romance.

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