Book Review: The Queen of Nothing

I finally read the last book in The Folk of the Air series, The Queen of Nothing, by Holly Black. I’m going to keep the synopsis brief so I don’t spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t finished the series or read it at all yet.

The novel picks up shortly after the ending of The Wicked King. Jude is in the mortal world after being exiled by Cardan, whom she is secretly married to. Feeling betrayed by Cardan and her twin sister, Taryn, and wishing she could go back to Eflhame, she makes the most of her time with her older sister Vivi and her little brother, Oak. When Taryn arrives in the mortal world asking Jude for help, she is more than ready to go back and help and hopefully no one will catcher since she’s supposed to be in exile.

When Jude arrives back in Elfhame, Cardan is not fooled at all and knows it’s her and not Taryn right away. She also learns that Cardan has been waiting for her to come back! But, of course, things can’t be that easy. People are still plotting to kill Cardan and take the throne. Can the two of them and their most trusted friends stop all those who plot to kill them?

I really enjoyed this book because Jude is always awesome to read about. And in this book she really came into her own. I still love Cardan too! There was a lot going on in this book and it was an engaging read. I finished it in a little over 2 days! While the ending was happy, I still finished wanting more – and not wanting more like I love these characters and need more (although I do love the characters) – it was like an unfulfilled feeling. I know this is a YA fantasy and more focused on court politics than romance, but I wish we could’ve seen more of Jude and Cardan at the end being really happy and in love.

Otherwise, I did really enjoy the book! I’m happy I finally read this cult favorite series!

Side note: I do wish I had the Barnes & Nobles edition because that special edition has the letters from Cardan to Jude! What’s annoying is that I did buy my book from B&N but it was the boxed set and I guess those aren’t the special edition ones. I did read the letters online, but I wish they were in my book!

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