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February 2023 Favorites

It finally snowed! After a pretty mild winter with no snow, we finally got something. It wasn’t much and turned to freezing rain but at least we got some sort of winter weather. Right before February ends. I have a few favorites to share this month so keep reading to see what I loved.

My first favorite is this Jelly Jubilee sweatshirt. If you’ve read Crescent City then you know Jelly Jubilee is a character Bryce loves from The Starlight Fancy franchise. She has a collectible of the adorable unicorn/pegasus character and Hunt first comes across it when he’s snooping looking for her sex toys. This sweatshirt was too adorable to pass up and a nod to the series for those who have read it!

I got two pairs of fleece lined leggings from Old Navy recently. I love fleece lined anything and I’ve had a pair from J.Crew for years but they don’t really fit well anymore. I got a grey pair with stirrups and a black activewear pair that are too heavy to wear for me to actually work out in (but would probably be good if you walk outside for exercise in the winter) but are so cozy to wear casually.

My last favorite for the month are the Girl Scout Lemonade Cookies. I ordered a few boxes of cookies from my best friend’s daughter. Some troops sell different cookies and last year I got Lemon Ups from my cousin’s daughter’s troop. My best friend lives in a different town and her daughter’s troop doesn’t sell Lemon Ups, but Lemonade cookies. Both are good, but the Lemonade ones are new to me and are delicious!

That’s it for my February favorites! Stay warm and safe out there if you got some snow where you are.

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