Books with Revenge Plots

I love a good revenge plot in a book. I’ve rounded up a few books I love that feature it! I don’t want to spoil any of these books for you if you haven’t read any/some of these and plan to so I won’t go into too much detail about the reason for the revenge.

  • Gleam is the third book in the Plated Prisoner series and Auren is ready for revenge on those she didn’t realize until now had been holding her back.
  • The Traitor Queen is the second book in The Bridge Kingdom series. In this one Lara now knows about the lies she was told and is ready to get revenge.
  • Throne of Glass has an ongoing revenge plot throughout the whole 8 book series and is a theme seen in multiple characters, but primarily for Aelin getting revenge for those who wronged her and reclaiming what’s rightfully hers.
  • Twisted Love is the first book in the Twisted series, which are all interconnected standalones. One of the plot points in the book is Alex wanted to avenge the death of his parents and sister.
  • Hooked is the first book in the Never After series, which are all standalones. In this one James Barrie aka “Hook” gets into a relationship with Wendy to get to her father who he believes is responsible for a tragedy from his childhood.
  • The Darkest Temptation is the third book in the Made series, which can be read as a standalone. In this one Ronan kidnaps Mila, the daughter of his enemy, to get her father to come out of hiding.

Do you enjoy the revenge plot?

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