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    Pecan & Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Pecan & Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies also known as “I Want to Marry You Cookies” are as good as they sound. Oatmeal raisin cookies are the butt of a lot of jokes – I make them too. I don’t hate the cookies, but they’re definitely not my favorite. But, these cookies with oats are actually delicious because they have chocolate chips and pecans! I can’t remember the exact source from the recipe I have, but I found this one via Pinterest and while it’s quite possible this is not the one I copied down to make these cookies, it looks close enough! You can click on the link above for…

  • Nutella Snowball Cookie


    Nutella Snowballs

    It’s my last day of work for 2018! It’s crazy how fast this year has gone by and I can’t believe Christmas is just days away. If you’ve been following me for a while then you know every year my mom and I make a ton of Christmas cookies. And I’m not exaggerating. We make hundreds of cookies and all different kinds! There are some that we make every year like sugar cookies, apricot cookies, rugelach, etc. and some we make some years and not others depending on what we’re in the mood to make. Usually every year we try out a new cookie too and this year I wanted…

  • Rainbow Cookie


    Rainbow Cookies

    I can’t believe Christmas is a week away! Have you finished your shopping? I think I’m done. Hopefully I won’t realize this weekend that I forgot someone. I still need to do some wrapping, but that’s about it. I think. Anyway, my next two or three food posts are good for the holidays. The rainbow cookies I’m sharing today are a favorite of mine. Unfortunately, I don’t have the exact recipe on me as I type this so I can’t give you exact measurements, but you can find recipes all over the internet. I’m still sharing this post despite not having the recipe on hand at the moment because Christmas…

  • Harry Potter Sugar Cookies


    Harry Potter Sugar Cookies

    So remember when I bought the Star Wars pancake molds from Williams-Sonoma? When I bought those I also bought Harry Potter cookie cutters. I’ve had a lot more success with the cookie cutters than with the pancake molds so far! For Thanksgiving I made a batch of sugar cookies with the cookie cutters. I decorated them with sprinkles in the colors of the Hogwarts houses. I know they’re not exactly the right shades of colors, but it’s the best I could do with supermarket sprinkles! With the exception of a couple of cookies where the imprint didn’t come out as deep and clear, they came out really good! I love…

  • Cocoa Crinkle Cookies


    Cocoa Crinkle Cookies

    Who doesn’t love chocolate? I’m not a big sweets person, but chocolate I can do as long as it’s not super rich. Thankfully these scrumptious cocoa crinkle cookies aren’t too rich. My mom and I have been making these for a year or two now and they’re so good! We follow the Hershey’s recipe (here) but just cut down on the sugar – instead of 2 cups we use 1 1/2. While this recipe is pretty easy to follow and the cookies aren’t hard to make, it’s important to note that they are not quick cookies. The batter has to be refrigerated for at least 6 hours. It’s a good…

  • Chipwich



    I love ice cream, but sometimes you just want to switch it up. I make chocolate chip cookies every so often and by that I mean maybe once a month or every other month. So one day after making a batch I thought – chipwich! I hadn’t had one in ages so I thought I’d make one. If I had known ahead of time that I would be doing this I would’ve made sure to make my cookies a little softer as opposed to crunchy because after it freezes it obviously gets harder. So the cookies were a bit crumbly since they were harder to bite in to but it was…

  • Stained Glass Cookies


    Stained Glass Cookies

    As previously mentioned on here, my family makes a ton of cookies for Christmas. There are the staple cookies that we’ve been making for as long as I can remember like the classic sugar cookies and chocolate chip, but every year we usually try to experiment with at least one new cookie. This year,  I wanted to make Stained Glass Cookies after seeing a bunch of pictures of them. They all looked so pretty! So how did they turn out and will I be making them again next year? Read on to find out! First, I made the dough the night before and refrigerated it overnight. The recipe said to mold…

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    Heart Pie-Cookies

    I saw these really cute and really easy cookies on Pinterest a while ago and made a mental note (and pin) to make these around Valentine’s Day. Jenna from The Domestic Diva Diaries made similar cookies recently but hers were in pop form so you should check that out for something a little different! These pie-cookies were easy to make and were pretty quick to make. You’ll need a heart shaped cookie cutter, pie crust dough, filling (I used strawberry jam and tried a couple with nutella and marshmallow), milk and sugar. Don’t forget that you’ll need to make 2 hearts per cookie, because you’ll need one heart to put the…

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    Twas the Night Before Christmas

    …and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…. As my Christmas Eve winds down and I get ready to go to bed and prepare for Christmas Day, I thought I would share some pictures from my day. If you saw my cookie post from yesterday, I mentioned that I was going to try to make yet another cookie today if I had time. I had some time this afternoon so I was able to make them! They are essentially chocolate chip cookies but instead of regular chocolate chips, I used white chocolate chips and instead of walnuts I used pistachios. Then, I also added dried…