Rainbow Cookie

Rainbow Cookies

I can’t believe Christmas is a week away! Have you finished your shopping? I think I’m done. Hopefully I won’t realize this weekend that I forgot someone. I still need to do some wrapping, but that’s about it. I think. Anyway, my next two or three food posts are good for the holidays. The rainbow cookies I’m sharing today are a favorite of mine. Unfortunately, I don’t have the exact recipe on me as I type this so I can’t give you exact measurements, but you can find recipes all over the internet. I’m still sharing this post despite not having the recipe on hand at the moment because Christmas is coming up and I didn’t wait to wait on posting this. The recipe I used was sent to me by my cousin and I know that I halve the recipe and use milk chocolate instead of semi-sweet.

Since I don’t have the exact recipe for you this post will mostly be of photos of the process with some commentary of the steps!

So first you have to make the cakes. If you’ve had rainbow cookies you know there are three layers of cake – typically yellow, green, and pink. So you’re going to make a big batch of cake batter and divide the batter in to 3 pans. Add green and red food coloring to the desired amount to make the two colors.

Butter and SugarMelting ButterEggsMelted ButterRainbow Cookie batterRainbow Cookie - batter 1Rainbow Cookie - batter 2Rainbow Cookie - batter 3

When they’re done baking, wait for them to cool slightly and carefully turn them over onto wax paper. When they’ve cooled, spread a layer of jam. I use raspberry jam. This will be the sweet flavoring in the cookie as well as a sort of glue for the layers. I started with the green layer, spread the jam and then put the yellow layer on top of that. Repeat the process – add more jam and then put the last layer, the pink layer on top. Don’t put jam on the top layer. Here you’re going to spread the chocolate you’ve melted.

Rainbow Cookie - cakesRainbow Cookie - cakes 1Rainbow Cookie - green layerRainbow Cookie - green layer + jamRainbow Cookie - Green layer + raspberry jamRainbow Cookie - green & yellow layersRainbow Cookie - green & yellow layers 1Rainbow Cookie - cake layersRainbow Cookie - cake layers 1

I use milk chocolate. Carefully spread the chocolate all over the top and sides of the cake. Then refrigerate the cake so that the chocolate can set.

Next, you’ll carefully flip the cake over because the bottom has no chocolate. Spread some chocolate on the bottom (or now top) and put it back in the refrigerator to set.

Melted chocolateRainbow CookieRainbow Cookie 1Rainbow Cookie 2Rainbow Cookie 3Rainbow Cookie 4

Once that’s all set you can cut it in to strips and pieces! These cookies freeze really well so you can always save strips of the cookie for the future and cut them as you go.

Rainbow Cookie 5Rainbow Cookie 6Rainbow Cookie 7Rainbow Cookie 8Rainbow Cookie 9

I love these cookies. The chocolate, the cake, the raspberry jam filling, the hint of almond taste. It’s so good! This will give you so many cookies and I already halved the recipe and it’s still so much. My only tip is to keep it refrigerated or in the freezer when you’re not eating them because the chocolate tends to melt.

I don’t have plans to make these cookies this Christmas (these are old photos I took) because I’m too busy but maybe after the holidays I’ll make a “just because” batch.

I’ll be back in two days with another cookie post perfect for the holidays!

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