• Rainbow Cookie


    Rainbow Cookies

    I can’t believe Christmas is a week away! Have you finished your shopping? I think I’m done. Hopefully I won’t realize this weekend that I forgot someone. I still need to do some wrapping, but that’s about it. I think. Anyway, my next two or three food posts are good for the holidays. The rainbow cookies I’m sharing today are a favorite of mine. Unfortunately, I don’t have the exact recipe on me as I type this so I can’t give you exact measurements, but you can find recipes all over the internet. I’m still sharing this post despite not having the recipe on hand at the moment because Christmas…

  • Christmas Tree Brownies


    Christmas Tree Brownies

    Merry Christmas Eve! I have one last Christmas treat to share with you all this year. When looking online for different ideas, I kept seeing Christmas Tree Brownies and they looked easy to make. You make brownies as you normally would, cut them into triangles, and decorate. While the whole process was fairly easy, the end result is sure to be a festive hit at your holiday gathering or just for yourself! I made brownies from a mix. While those baked, I worked on the icing and candy canes. I used pre-made frosting and spooned some into a bowl. I microwaved it for 10 seconds to soften it and make it…

  • Food

    Cookie Time

    Christmas cookie baking is certainly not a new concept and I’m sure this is the tenth post you’ve read on the topic in the past week, but I’m going to write about it anyway! It’s no secret that I love to bake and Christmas cookie baking is no exception. When I was little my brother and I used to go to my aunt’s house to bake cookies. We used to do some at home, but the bulk of all the cookies for the holiday were made at my aunt’s. My parents would drop us off while they did some Christmas shopping. As I got older, we stopped going to my…