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Restyled: Green Velvet

I had originally planned to wear this green velvet dress to work yesterday, but I changed my mind and wore a different velvet dress instead. I may wear this later in the week, but in any case I had taken these photos over the weekend thinking I would be wearing it to work. I first styled this dress on here two Christmases ago I believe. It is the prettiest green velvet. The dress is meant to be off the shoulder and has drapey short sleeves that bell out. I wore it last time on here with a open-knit cardigan that has gold thread running through the cream fabric.

This time I again wore it with a cardigan. This time a cream pointelle cardigan. Originally I wanted to pair it with a grey blazer, but it was hard to get the belled out sleeves inside the blazer sleeves. The off-the-shoulder sleeves is also what made me decide not to wear it to work yesterday. With a cardigan the off-the-shoulder detail doesn’t really matter, but since it’s is meant to be loose fitting the sleeves fall down a lot. Even though I would be wearing a cardigan, I knew I would be pulling at the sleeves the whole time and that would get annoying at work.

Green Velvet Dress 11Green Velvet Dress 10Green Velvet Dress 9Green Velvet Dress 8Green Velvet Dress 7Green Velvet Dress 6Green Velvet Dress 5Green Velvet Dress 4Green Velvet Dress 3Green Velvet Dress 2Green Velvet Dress 1Green Velvet Dress

Cardigan: LOFT | Dress: Boohoo via ASOS | Tights: American Eagle

I love the vibrant emerald green of this dress. It screams Christmas for sure! I’m going to try to wear this this week once I’m off for winter break, but I’m starting to run out of days to wear holiday wear! I may have to start doubling up and wear one thing during the day and change halfway through just so I can get all these things worn before Christmas passes and it’s too late!

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