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Green Velvet

When I think of velvet, not only does winter come to mind but the holidays. I have memories of being a little girl and being put in velvet dresses for Christmas with tights. I love the look and feel of the classic fabric. Luckily for me, velvet is in fashion right now and so is more easy to find. Now, if you’ve been following me for a while you know that green is my all-time favorite color so when I saw this off-the-shoulder green velvet dress on the ASOS website last month (and on sale!) I had to get it for the holidays. I wore the dress for Christmas Eve and I loved it!


Dress: Boohoo via ASOS | Tights: American Eagle | Cardigan: Old Navy

I’ll be honest, when this dress is not on it looks like a sack. But luckily it comes with a matching belt so you can cinch the dress at the waist and it looks much better. The sleeves bell out and looks very pretty, however they were driving me a little crazy. Since it’s December and all, it’s a little chilly to be wearing a short sleeve, off-the-shoulder dress even if I’m indoors the entire time so I wore a sweater with the dress. I chose my cream, open knit cardigan with gold thread running through partly because it matched but mostly because it was my only cardigan with sleeves big enough to fit the sleeves of my dress! Even then the sleeves were a pain to stuff into the cardigan sleeves but I managed. I added a little color to my look with this fun beaded bracelet that jingles. My aunt gave it to me as a fun little stocking stuffer type gift last year.

I did my hair quickly with my Beachwaver, put my dress on, and spent time finagling with the sleeves before guests arrived. I’m in love with the green velvet and am so happy that I got this dress for less than $30!

If you celebrated Christmas yesterday I hope you had a wonderful holiday and if you didn’t celebrate then I hope you had a wonderful Sunday!

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