Hugs for Brady Holiday Light Show

Christmas may be over but I’m not done posting about it! Hugs for Brady is a non-profit foundation that helps children with cancer. They have a holiday light show going on so I really wanted to go because 1) I love Christmas lights and 2) It’s for a good cause.

It took me 2 weeks due to bad weather, being sick, etc., but I finally got there just a few days before Christmas! It was super cold out – my hands felt frozen, but it was pretty. I thought it would be a lot bigger and more elaborate than it actually was. The pictures on the website made it seem that way at least. For example, there was a “light maze” which essentially was just a checkout line or a line for a ride with ropes lit up. There was a bubble with fake snow blowing around and they were just soap/foam bubbles. So yeah a little bit of a letdown in terms of Christmas magic, but still pretty and for a good cause!

Enjoy the video and pictures!


My favorite was the giant ornament! I loved how large it was and the gold detailing on top was perfect and made it look like a real ornament!

I’m seeing one more holiday light show this week so that’ll be my next video most likely.


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