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“Pan” Life Quotes

The movie Pan came out last year and a few weeks ago I finally saw it. The movie tells the story of young orphaned Peter and how he arrived in Neverland. The movie was fun to watch and I couldn’t help but notice that there were quite a few lines that could serve well as life quotes. Before I get into those, let me give a little more background on the movie and my thoughts.

I love stories and movies that tell a new tale or give a new spin on an old/well loved story. Pan gives an interesting backstory to Peter and includes some other characters well known in the Peter Pan universe such as Tiger Lily and most notably Hook. The movie is filled with bright, vibrant colors and makes Neverland look magical just as one would probably imagine the place to look like. The idea of Neverland where your imagination can run wild is so appealing to me. There are quite a few humorous lines and moments. For example, when Peter first arrives in Neverland and is basically enslaved to work for Blackbeard, all the workers are singing Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

I love Garrett Hedlund as Hook. Hook (except for on Once Upon a Time) is usually seen as this old, mean captain with a hook for a hand and sworn enemy of Peter Pan. In Pan, Hook is younger and still a good guy. In fact, he and Peter are friends! It makes me wish they would make another movie and show how he turns into the bad guy, but then again I don’t think I want to imagine handsome Garrett Hedlund as a bad guy!

Okay, now onto the purpose of this post. As I said above, there were a few lines in the movie that had me thinking to myself, “This is actually a quote that could apply to life”.

  1. The movie opens with Peter narrating and he says, “I am going to tell you a story about a boy who would never grow up. About the pirate who wished to kill him. About the island where fairies roamed. But this isn’t the story you’ve heard before, because sometimes friends begin as enemies, and enemies begin as friends. Sometimes to truly understand how things end, we must first know how they begin.”  Agree. Things in life change all the time and a lot of times things don’t end up the way you thought they would.
  2. Peter Pan: “Who the bloody hell am I?”
    Hook: “You can go feel this way for yourself as long as you want, kid. But knowing where you’re from, that’s half of knowing who you are – that’s more than what most of us here will ever know! At least you know where you’ve come from. Born to a warrior, heir to a prince, does that mean you’re the One? I don’t know. I don’t know if there is a One. I do know that if you aren’t the guy, and you’re just you, maybe that’s enough.”  How great is this quote? Just be yourself. There is something incredibly powerful about just being you.
  3. When Peter was left at the orphanage, his mother left a letter for him. In it she wrote, “My dearest Peter, everything I have done, I’ve done because I love you… and I hope that a day, I can come back for you and explain everything, don’t doubt me but most importantly don’t doubt yourself… you are extraordinary,” Again, another great quote about believing that you are great and more than enough.
  4. At one point, Hook tells Tiger Lily that once free from Blackbeard he wants to go home to which she replied, “Home’s not where you come from. It’s where you make it.”  This reminds me of the old saying, “Home is where the heart is”.
  5. The last quote from the movie I want to share is, “If you don’t believe, Peter, then neither will they.” You need to believe in yourself if you want others to believe in you. Easier said than done, I know!

So most of these quotes have to do with believing in yourself, which is a huge part of making it in life. What do you think of the quotes?

Pan Movie Poster
Pan_ship at night

To close this post out, I’ll leave you with probably the most famous Peter Pan quote..

“Second to the right and straight on til morning”

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  • Leanne

    Unfortunately the last quote is wrong and Pan the film left the most important word out and I can’t understand why! “Second STAR to the Right and straight on til morning”

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