Book Review: You Deserve Each Other

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you I’ve had You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle on my tbr for over a year. I’d heard some mixed reviews on it, but I still wanted to read it and I’m glad I did because I loved it.

The novel follows engaged couple Naomi and Nicholas. They are set to marry in a few months, but have never been more out of sync and irritated with each other. Naomi can barely stand being in the same room as Nicholas. But with an overbearing future mother-in-law who has taken over the wedding planning, it is understood that whoever calls off the wedding will have to foot the non-refundable bill. Nicholas might able to do that as a successful dentist and affluent family, but Naomi doesn’t make much money. The two start playing pranks on each other and trying to make life unbearable for the other – the thought process being they might be able to drive the other into being the one to call off the wedding. But all the time they need to think about each other and spend together in order to terrorize the other may just bring them back together.

I thought this idea was unique and something totally different for a romcom. And trust me, this is a comedy although there are some really touching moments. But, it is for sure funny. I laughed out loud at multiple parts. Their messing with each other is chaotic, ridiculous, hilarious, and slightly unhinged, but in all the best ways. Naomi and Nicholas slowly falling back in love with each other was really sweet and made me smile.

So for me, this was a great book! It was my first Sarah Hogle book, but I have a holiday read of hers I’m planning to read next week and I can’t wait!

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