Leopard Studded Sneakers

Leopard Studded Sneakers

I’ve been loving fun sneakers and slip ons lately and I’ve been stocking up like crazy for when the warm weather comes. Or, you know, when we can actually go out.

I pre-ordered these leopard studded sneakers back in January, I think, and they arrived recently. They are so cool and edgy, but totally wearable! I love that the leopard is just an accent along with the faux leather strip and studs so it’s not too much or over the top. I wore them last weekend with leggings and a front tie button down top.

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Sneakers: Vici | Top: Abercrombie & Fitch | Leggings: Express (here)

The sneakers are comfy and came with longer laces and a shoe bag too! I can’t link to these exact sneakers, but I found a few similar styles!

Are you a fan of fashion sneakers?

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