Oversized Turtleneck + Chambray Jumpsuit
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Restyled: Oversized Turtleneck + Denim Jumpsuit

I know it seems like a lot of bloggers – fashion ones anyway – are always shopping and sharing new outfits. It’s true and I’m guilty of it too, but I also wear a lot of things for years. I know some bloggers who buy things and then never wear them because the item sells out and they don’t want to wear it since they can’t share it with followers. And that’s perfectly fine if that is what they want to do, but I will always wear what I like and want to wear regardless of whether it’s old or sold out. That’s why I like doing restylings. It not only shows you a different way to wear something I’ve previously shown on here, but I hope it also shows you that I do in fact wear things over and over again!

With that being said I’m sharing what I wore this past weekend – a restyling of the oversized chunky turtleneck that I wore on here last winter and the denim jumpsuitΒ that I wore back at the beginning of September. When I was going through my clothes for my move I came across the pieces and had a lightbulb moment. I could wear the chunky turtleneck over the jumpsuit! So that’s what I did for a really retro looking restyling.

Oversized Turtleneck + Chambray JumpsuitOversized Turtleneck + Chambray Jumpsuit 1Oversized Turtleneck + Chambray Jumpsuit 2Oversized Turtleneck + Chambray Jumpsuit 3Oversized Turtleneck + Chambray Jumpsuit 4Oversized Turtleneck + Chambray Jumpsuit 5Oversized Turtleneck + Chambray Jumpsuit 6Oversized Turtleneck + Chambray Jumpsuit 7Oversized Turtleneck + Chambray Jumpsuit 8Oversized Turtleneck + Chambray Jumpsuit 9Oversized Turtleneck + Chambray Jumpsuit 10Oversized Turtleneck + Chambray Jumpsuit 11Oversized Turtleneck + Chambray Jumpsuit 12Oversized Turtleneck + Chambray Jumpsuit 13Oversized Turtleneck + Chambray Jumpsuit 14Oversized Turtleneck + Chambray Jumpsuit 15Oversized Turtleneck + Chambray Jumpsuit 16

Sweater: Vici |Β Jumpsuit:Β Abercrombie & Fitch | Shoes: Express (here)

The outfit probably would have looked even better with a more fitted jumpsuit since the sweater is oversized, but I felt like just being comfortable since I was doing stuff around my new condo. And I also just didn’t feel like changing in to something more fitted! Both my sweater and denim jumpsuit are old so I can’t link to the exact items, but I found similar ones to share with you below!

P.S. Can you spot the random Christmas ornament on one of the bushes? It got lost in one of the bushes after last winter – probably after a snow storm – and was recently recovered haha.

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