IT Cosmetics - Love is the foundation brush

Love is the Foundation Brush

If you are in to beauty, you may have heard many times before that one of the most important things is that you’re using good quality tools/brushes. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to be expensive, but good makeup brushes are a good investment. You can wear drugstore makeup and if you have good quality brushes you can still look flawless. Likewise, you can splurge on high-end makeup and if your brushes are lousy, your makeup may not look so great.

Once in a while, I like to buy new brushes even though mine are still in good shape. I wash them regularly using my Sigma glove and baby shampoo. I think I’ve only thrown out a few over the years because they broke or something. Side note: Good quality brushes should last you years if you’re taking care of them! Despite having a good stash of brushes, sometimes I like to buy new ones anyway and when I saw the “Love is the Foundation” brush from the IT Brushes for Ulta, I knew I had to get it. It has the cutest handle – it’s clear with pink confetti/sparkles inside it. It reminds me of those batons from my childhood that had the liquid inside with the sparkles they would float around. These handles are plastic though with no liquid so the pink confetti inside stays, but it is still so pretty. AND the brush bristles are in the shape of a heart!! How adorable is that?!

IT Cosmetics - Love is the foundation brushIT Cosmetics - Love is the foundation brush 3IT Cosmetics - Love is the foundation brush 1IT Cosmetics - Love is the foundation brush 2IT Cosmetics - Love is the foundation brush 4

And the quality is top notch as I would expect with IT Cosmetics. The brush is dense enough to really work the foundation in to your skin, but flexible enough that it can get into all the contours and parts of your face. And the bristles are soft and not scratchy which I hate.

The brush is limited edition for Breast Cancer Awareness month, but is still currently available (here). I really love it. I think it’s so pretty and is also great quality. Definitely a brush that will last me a very long time!

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