Book Review: Liberty Falls

With the 4th of July coming up I wanted to read the Holinight novella Liberty Falls by Lee Jacquot. In the series so far I’ve read Christmas on the Thirteenth Floor and The Four Leaf.

Liberty Falls follows Aria and Kameron. This isn’t exactly enemies to lovers, I would say it’s like frenemies. They have been family friends their whole life in their small town, but have been competitive with each other and giving each other a hard time their whole lives too. Now grown up the two have followed in their family’s footsteps – Aria is the chief of police and Kameron is the captain of the fire station. At their town’s annual carnival, the police and the firefighters always get booths to raise money for a cause of their choosing. Of course, Aria and Kameron are always competitive about whose booth will be more successful, but this year they are both selling funnel cakes. Annoyed with each other that they’re selling the same thing, they decide to do what they always do – make a bet. Usually their bets or wagers are things like whoever loses has to buy coffee for the other for a month or be designated driver for a month etc. This time, whoever’s booth makes more money has to do whatever the other wants. The two may fight all the time, but they’ve both been secretly fighting their attraction for each other since they were teenagers. The tension between them is at an all time high, could this bet send them over the edge?

This is my favorite of the Holinight novellas I’ve read so far! The tension was so good. Definitely a fun, spicy and sexy novella with great characters.

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