Second Chance Romance Book Picks

Are you a fan of the second chance romance trope? I am, if it’s done right. Also, I prefer it if it’s like it didn’t work out the first time because of timing or something like that and not because one of them did something horrible. Here are some second chance romance books I love and one that I’m planning to start tomorrow or Monday!

  • It Starts With Us by Colleen Hoover – I adore this book and how it’s basically a love letter to Atlas and Lily after all they went through in It Ends With Us.
  • In the Weeds by B.K. Borison – In this second book in the Lovelight Farms series, Beckett and Evelyn are reunited when Evelyn decides to go back to Inglewild since that was the last place she was happy. Beckett and Evelyn met the year before when both were away for work and had a passionate weekend never to see each other again until Evelyn showed up at Lovelight on business in Lovelight Farms. Now she’s back and as luck would have it there’s no room at the inn and Beckett offers her his guest room. I love this whole series.
  • One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid – I absolutely loved this book (even though it gave me so much anxiety). So this could be a second chance romance in more than one way. Emma marries her high school sweetheart, Jesse. Before Jesse she did have a brief crush on a friend who was a year older than her in high school and worked at her family store, Sam. Emma and Jesse marry in their mid-20s and then on the eve of their 1 year wedding anniversary, the helicopter Jesse was on for work crashes in the Pacific and there are no survivors. Emma struggles for years to get over the loss and eventually moves on, reconnects with Sam, and gets engaged. Then, Jesse calls to say he’s alive and coming home.
  • The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling – 9 years ago Vivi was nursing a broken heart after a bad breakup with Rhys Penhallow. She and her cousin Gwyn cursed Rhys, but figured it wasn’t a real curse since they didn’t do a spell and because they just said a bunch of silly things. Now, Rhys is back in town to represent his family for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the town and everything starts to go wrong. Apparently she really did curse him. The two have to work together to undo the curse.
  • The Mistake by Elle Kennedy – The Mistake is book 2 in the Off-Campus series. At the beginning of the book Logan is acting out because of some things that are hinted at in the end of the first book, The Deal. He’s drinking and partying a ton and sleeping around like crazy. He meets Grace by accident one evening and they really hit it off. He lets her go, not because of a miscommunication between the two of them, but because he didn’t really understand something going on with himself. He realizes his mistake pretty quickly and then works for months to get her back.
  • Earning It by E.F. Dodd – The novel follows “Rae” Murphy and Donovan “Van” McLeod. Rae’s best friend, Kenz, is getting married to Jackson Jenkins and she’s the maid of honor. Kenz and Jackson are also inviting their best friends with them on their honeymoon for a fun week at the beach. Rae knows the whole wedding party including V’s boyfriend, but she’s never met the best man – Jackson’s best friend who lives out of town. So the morning of the wedding when she hears his voice and immediately recognizes it, she is shocked. It is none other than Van, her ex-boyfriend from 5 years ago.
  • You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle – This is the one book on my list I haven’t read yet but I’m planning to start tomorrow or the day after so I wanted to include it on this list. The synopsis sounds really fun. Naomi and Nicholas are engaged, but starting to get sick of each other. They can’t simply end their engagement though, because whoever ends the engagement has to pay for the non-refundable wedding bill. So they both try to prank and sabotage each other to try to get the other to end the engagement, but it only brings them closer together. I can’t wait to start this one!

Do you have any second chance romance books you love and would recommend?

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