Book Review: The Mistake

Yesterday I wrote about book 1 in the Off-Campus series – The Deal so today I’m writing about the 2nd book in the series, The Mistake.

The Mistake is the love story between John Logan, or Logan as everyone calls him because there are two Johns, and Grace Ivers. Logan is one of Garrett’s best friends, teammates, and housemate from The Deal. Throughout The Deal it’s hinted at that Logan has a bit of a crush on Hannah. When The Mistake begins, it is spring of junior year and Garrett and Hannah have been together about 6 months. Logan has been avoiding them because he thinks he has a big crush on Hannah and feels awful since Garrett is his best friend. In his attempts to be at the house as little as possible, he goes to the dorms for a party but ends up at the wrong dorm. He ends up at Grace’s room, a freshman. She, of course, knows exactly who he is since he’s a popular hockey player and she’s always thought he was cute. Logan and Grace end up hanging out a few times and really getting along, but before things go further, Logan screws things up because he thinks he has a thing for Hannah. It’s only after Grace tells him she basically never wants to see him again and he has a conversation with Hannah that he realizes he doesn’t want her, he wants the relationship she and Garrett have.

Logan spends the summer and next fall trying to fix his mistake and get Grace to forgive him. As he tries to win her back, he’s also dealing with his own personal issues. He and Garrett have dreamed of playing professional hockey together since freshman year, but his friends don’t know the truth about his family life and that he has promised to return home and will have to give up his dream of turning pro. Will he be able to get everything he wants? Grace and professional hockey?

I really liked Logan and Grace’s story, but I didn’t find myself as invested in it as Garrett and Hannah’s story. I think they’re great together and I loved to see Logan’s growth from player to someone who wants nothing more than to be in love with Grace. And I loved that he saw Garrett and Hannah and knew that’s what he wanted. I liked Grace too and thought she was a great character. I loved that even though she thought Logan was cute right off the bat she wasn’t that doe eyed girl who followed him around – she played it really cool and just freaked out internally, which I really liked.

The Mistake was great and a really important book that bridges The Deal with the next book.

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