Enemies to Lovers Part 4

Enemies to lovers is one of my favorite tropes, obviously since I’m already up to part 4! My last round up was a few months ago.

Here are my picks for part 4!

  • Does It Hurt? – Sawyer & Enzo are enemies after a one-night stand when Sawyer steals Enzo’s identity and then they both end up shipwrecked on almost abandoned island with just the creepy lighthouse keeper.
  • By a Thread – Dominic & Ally don’t start off on the best foot when they get into an argument at the pizza parlor Ally is working at and she gets fired. Then, Dominic’s mother hires Ally for their family’s fashion magazine as an assitant.
  • Hail Mary – Leo & Mary live across the street from each other in their college town. Mary has shown her dislike/hate for Leo for over a year and he has no idea why. Turns out they knew each other when they were teenagers and Mary has not gotten over something that happened back then.
  • Iced Out – Quinton & Oakley were high school rivals on the ice and now play for the same hockey team in college. They’ve never gotten along, but need to figure out a way to work together now that they’re playing on the same line.
  • Still Beating – Cora & Dean haven’t gotten along for the past 15 years, always bickering and giving each other a hard time even though Dean is engaged to Cora’s sister. But when they are abducted and chained up in a basement together for 3 weeks and emotionally and physically tortured, they find solace in each other.
  • Liberty Falls – Aria & Kameron are frenemies who have been family friends their whole lives. They are friends, but compete over everything in their lives and can’t resist betting and placing wagers on everything.
  • Better than the Movies – Wes & Liz have been neighbors their whole lives and Wes has tormented Liz for just as long. Now Liz needs Wes’ help in getting the attention of her old childhood crush who has moved back to town.
  • King of WrathVivian & Dante do not get along, but are forced to marry for business purposes.
  • The Fine Print – Rowan & Zahra are working together to create something new at the theme park that Rowan’s family owns and do not get along.
  • King of Battle & Blood – Adrian & Isolde – Isolde has been told her whole life that the vampires are evil and she has agreed to marry Adrian, the king of the vampires to solidify a treaty between their kingdoms.
  • Fourth Wing – Xaden & Violet are enemies at first because he is the son of a traitor who was part of the rebellion that killed Violet’s brother. His father was then executed.

I’m sure I’ll be back sooner rather than later with a part 5!

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