Book Review: King of Wrath

King of Wrath by Ana Huang is the first book in the Kings of Sin series. The second book, King of Pride, just released so I thought it was finally time to read book 1! Side Note: I also waited this long because I had pre-ordered the Barnes & Noble Exclusive edition and it just arrived 2 weeks ago.

King of Wrath is a dual POV enemies to lovers/arranged marriage romance that follows Dante Russo and Vivian Lau. If you read the Twisted books, we met Dante (and then Vivian) in Twisted Hate and Twisted Lies.

Dante Russo is a billionaire and CEO of the Russo Group. His family has had money for generations. Vivian Lau is a luxury event planner, but her family also has money. Her family owns Lau Jewels. However, her parents’ jewelry company only took off when Vivian was a kid so while wealthy, they are “new money”. Once they became rich, her father changed and had a single track mind of becoming wealthier and more powerful. Her parents are always trying to advance their social standing. So when Vivian’s father comes into some information that could put Dante’s younger brother, Luca, in danger he blackmails him into marrying Vivian. Vivian has no idea about this, she just thinks this is an arranged marriage for business purposes which isn’t unheard of in their circles.

The dislike Dante and Vivian have for each other at the beginning is so entertaining and fun. The journey of their relationship was so addictive to watch/read – from enemies to friendship (with lots of tension) to lovers and so on. I loved the vibes of the book and can’t wait to read King of Pride and to see what the storylines for the rest of the series will be. I also loved the cameos from Christian and Stella! Side Note: When Dominic and Alessandra were introduced briefly in this book I knew there had to be a book about them and it looks like book 3 is about them – I can’t wait for that one!

Read this if you want to read a spicy, billionaire romance with enemies to lovers and arranged marriage tropes.

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