Book Review: King of Pride

I read book 2 in the Kings of Sin series by Ana Huang, King of Pride, earlier this week and I cannot wait for book 3 this fall!

King of Pride follows side characters from King of Wrath, Kai and Isabella. In King of Wrath, Kai is Dante’s friend and a fellow club member at Valhalla and Isabella one of Vivian’s best friends.

Kai and Isabella are complete opposites. Kai comes from a very wealthy British Chinese family and he has a pretty reserved and serious personality. Isabella is Filipino Chinese from California and bartends at Valhalla while she works on her erotic thriller romance writing career. The two always find themselves coming across each other and there is definitely an attraction. Even though they are so different on the surface, the more time they end up spending together they more they realize they have in common and how much they connect. Soon they can’t stay away from each other, but it all has to stay a secret because it is strictly forbidden for Valhalla employees to fraternize with members.

Meanwhile, Kai is trying to solidify his appointment to CEO of his family’s corporation when his mother steps down and Isabella makes a deal with her overbearing older brother that she will finish her manuscript before she flies home to California for her mom’s birthday in a few months or else she has to consider a “real” career.

This book was so good; I loved it! Kai and Isabella are such opposites, but they just work together so well and their chemistry was amazing. It was a great second book in the Kings of Sin series and follow up to Dante and Vivian’s love story. Isabella helped Kai loosen up a little and Isabella had someone (other than her best friends) who could see how amazing she is and support her dreams.

As much as I loved this book, I cannot for the third book this fall. It’s about Dominic and Alessandra and that one seems like it’s going to be so good (Dominic and Alessandra are married, but he’s always working in book 1 & 2 and Alessandra is always alone so their book is supposed to be about her leaving him and him doing everything he can to get her back. I want to see major groveling!)

Anyway, I loved King of Pride!

Read this if you want to read a spicy billionaire romance with the opposites attract and forbidden romance tropes.

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