Book Review: For the Throne

For the Throne by Hannah Whitten is book two in The Wilderwood duology and was a great follow up to For the Wolf.

Note: This post contains some spoilers for For the Wolf.

I’m going to try to keep this review brief so that I don’t spoil too much!

In For the Wolf we were introduced to twin sisters Redarys (Red) and Neve (Neverah). They are princesses and in the kingdom and world they live in there has been a tradition for hundreds (or longer?) of years – first daughters are “for the throne” and second daughters are “for the wolf”. Neve was the older of the two and she was trained since she was born to one day become queen. Red was the second daughter and she would have to be sacrificed to the Wilderwood where the Wolf lives. Eammon isn’t really a wolf, but isn’t human either as he has the power of the woods. For the Wolf is the story of Red and Eammon and ended with Neve sacrificing herself to the Shadowlands and one of the evil kings who is stuck in the Shadowlands – Solmir.

For the Throne picks up where For the Wolf left off. Some time has passed and Red, Eammon, Raffe, Lyra, and Fife are trying to find a way to rescue Neve from the Shadowlands. Meanwhile Neve is in the Shadowlands with Solmir who were believed all through For the Wolf to be evil. But, we learn in this novel that he actually wanted to let the kings out in the first book in order to kill them. No one can die in the Shadowlands so the only way to vanquish the evil kings is to let them out and then kill them. Together Neve and Solmir journey together through the Shadowlands and try to find a way to kill the kings. Will they be successful? Will Neve and Red ever be reunited? Will Neve and Solmir be able to deny their growing feelings for each other?

Like For the Wolf, this was a fantastic book and story. The world created here is so intricate and darkly beautiful. I did find some parts to be a little bit slow like with the first book. For some reason I found both books to take me longer to read than normal, but nonetheless it’s still such a good story.

Read this duology if you’re looking for a dark YA fantasy with a touch of enemies to lovers.

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