Book Review: For the Wolf

For the Wolf by Hannah Whitten is a book I’ve had on my tbr for probably a year or more. It is book one in The Wilderwood duology.

This dark fantasy novel is a Little Red Riding Hood retelling of sorts and follows Redarys, or Red, the second daughter and princess of her kingdom. For centuries every second daughter of the royal families in her kingdom has been “for the wolf” – meaning they are “sacrificed” to the wolf in the Wood to keep him happy and keep the monsters out of the kingdom. The first daughter is for the throne and the second daughter is for the wolf.

When Red comes of age and it is time for her to go to the Wood, her twin sister who is just barely older than her, Neve, vows to save her. But, Red, wants to go. A few years ago when Red was 16, she exhibited magic that scared her and she feels like she can only protect her sister and others from potentially harming them if she gives herself to the Wolf. When Red arrives in the Wood, she learns that the Wolf is not a real wolf at all, but a man with magic named Eammon. He is linked to the Wood and is the only thing keeping the monsters away. But, the Wood is weakening and so is Eammon. Soon, the monsters may be able to escape from where they are banished and enter the Wood and eventually the outside world including Red’s kingdom. Can Red help Eammon save the Wood?

The writing and the world for this book was beautiful. And those edges to the pages of the book? Gorgeous! I loved the slow burn of Red and Eammon’s relationship. I really enjoyed it and both characters are great, especially Red. She’s strong, motivated, loves her sister, and is willing to make sacrifices for the people she loves.

The book was a little slow in the first half, though beautiful, and I found Neve’s chapters even slower, but I know they’re important because the second book, For the Throne, focuses more on Neve. Overall, I loved the book and can’t wait to see what happens next and how it will all wrap up.

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