Book Review: Addicted for Now

I read the third book in the Addicted to You/Calloway Sisters series, Addicted for Now, last week and loved it. I loved being reunited with Lo, Lily, and the rest of the core 6.

Addicted for Now picks up right where Ricochet left off. Lo is back from rehab, Lily is in therapy and working through her addiction, and someone (outside Ryke, Rose, and Connor) knows Lily’s secret. Now they need to figure out who is tormenting them with texts and packages before the tabloids and Lily’s parents find out.

This book was so good and I couldn’t put it down. I absolutely love Lily, Lo, Rose, Connor, Ryke, and Daisy. I just want to protect them and for them to be happy! Lo has grown so much since Addicted to You and although he still has his struggles staying sober, he is truly there for Lily and wants to be strong for her. Being there for her is one of his motivations to stay away from alcohol. And it’s not just the two of them that are there for each other. Lily’s sisters, Connor, and Ryke have their backs and will do whatever it takes to help them. The relationship between Lo and Ryke also got a lot stronger in this book too and I love that they are starting to really feel like brothers.

I can’t wait to see what’s next for this group!

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