Book Boyfriends Part 8

It’s time for another book boyfriend roundup. I posted part 7 about two months ago so I’ve got a nice group of new book boyfriends to share!

  • Nathan Donelson from The Cheat Sheet – He’s so thoughtful and loves Bree so much.
  • Captain Ramsay “Bones” Battista from A Ship of Bones and Teeth – Who doesn’t like a hot pirate captain?
  • Alexander Shota Akita from When Gracie Met the Grump – I have a soft spot for a hot, protective grump.
  • Myles Cirillo from Vacation Wars – Myles was funny and so supportive of Tessa in her war against her sister and friends.
  • Aiden Kilbourn from The Worst Best Man – Aiden is the nicest, hot billionaire.
  • Silas Wright from Maggie Moves On – Silas is in love with Maggie from the moment he meets her. I love how determined and steadfast he is in his feelings for her.
  • Keller Fitzwilliam from Royally Not Ready – Keller is so reserved and I loved to see how Lilly got him to loosen up.
  • Myles Sumner from My Killer Vacation – Who doesn’t love a hot, broody, bounty hunter?

I’ll be back before you know it with a part 9! I’ve already started my list!

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