Book Review: Royally Not Ready

Meghan Quinn recently released Royally in Trouble, which made me want to read book 1 in this duology so I read Royally Not Ready last week. No surprise that I loved it as I always love her spicy romcoms!

Royally Not Ready follows Lilly Campbell, a young woman in her late 20s living in Miami. She is the owner/operator of a business that sells bikinis out of a truck and has events like wet t-shirt contests. Her parents died when she was 17 so for the past 10 years she has been on her own in Florida with no family. So it comes as a shock when Keller Fitzwilliam shows up and tells her that she is the heir to the throne of Torskethorpe, a small island country north of the British Isles in the sub-arctic. Her mother was the youngest of four children and a princess but when she fell in love with an American she decided she wanted a new life away from the royal life and that’s why Lilly never knew about any of this.

She decides she wants to go and meet her grandparents and learn about the culture and history of Torskethorpe. Due to a security issue, Keller (the King’s private secretary) takes her to Harrogate instead of the palace in the capital. Harrogate is a small, medieval-ish castle in a remote area of the country. There, along with Lara and Brimar – their security guards and life-long friends of Keller’s, they spend the next few weeks with Keller teaching Lilly everything she needs to know about royal life.

The forced proximity doesn’t help Keller and Lilly’s very tense relationship. Lilly enjoys pushing Keller’s uptight buttons and thinks he’s hotter than hot. He thinks she’s irritating, but beautiful with a big heart. But, he has been raised to serve the crown and knows it is not his place to have any kind of relationship with Lilly beyond a professional one. Lilly was raised as an American who doesn’t really think about these royal/class roles and the king and queen (who think of Keller as family already) just might approve, but can Keller get past it?

Side note: This is why I hesitate to say it’s a forbidden romance because they are technically of different social classes, but the king and queen aren’t really against the idea of them so it’s not like it’s not allowed.

I loved this book and the characters. I love Lilly and her beautiful and playful soul, but sometimes when she would get under Keller’s skin on purpose I wanted to shake her too! The tension was perfection. I know Meghan Quinn is known for her spicy romcoms and she has a looooot more books that I need to get to, but so far this one has been the spiciest in terms of kink. It was really entertaining to see Keller and Lilly talking about royal etiquette and traditions in the country like wood carving fish and then switch to a scene of them tying each other up haha.

I’m 1/3 of the way into the second book in the duet, Royally in Trouble now!

Also, the descriptions of Torskethorpe reminded me so much of Iceland with its fishing villages, hot springs, volcanoes, waterfalls etc. I should’ve read it while I was away!

Read this if you want a spicy royal romcom with forced proximity and the grumpy sunshine tropes!

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