Barnes & Noble Haul

Over the weekend I went on little Barnes & Noble trip and picked up a few books so I wanted to share my haul!

I went with one book set in mind to get – The Cruel Prince series. I’ve been saying I would read it for forever and this fall it is definitely happening! So I got the box set and How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories. I was deciding on whether I should get When in Rome and Practice Makes Perfect by Sarah Adams because I’ve heard nothing but good things about both and they are on my tbr. They weren’t on my immediate tbr, but they were buy 1, get 1 50% off so I decided to get them!

In New Jersey, plastic bags aren’t given at stores anymore so I brought my own tote bag. For book shopping I had to bring a bookish one so I brought this one I got from Tina from @bookedtildawn’s little popup shop she did a while back with iconic bookish couples on it. The only couples on there I haven’t read yet are Jude and Cardan and Poppy and Casteel, but once I read Cruel Prince I’ll knock Jude and Cardan off the list and for Poppy and Casteel – the From Blood and Ash series has been on my tbr for years and I’ll eventually get to it!

It was a productive trip! I saw a lot more books that I’m planning to read, but none of them are ones I’m reading in the immediate future so I am holding off on buying them. I think I did fairly well in terms of not going overboard and spending a fortune! The trip also had some drama as we saw one of the employees running through the store to catch a shoplifter who stole from the store a few days ago!

Have you done any book shopping lately?

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