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Book Review: Vacation Wars

Vacation Wars by Meghan Quinn seemed like the perfect read while I’m vacation. I just finished it the other day and really enjoyed it!

The novel follows Tessa Doukas and Myles Cirillo. Tessa and her family, including her twin sister Roxanne, have been vacationing every summer at a resort in Santorini, Greece since she was a baby. Every summer she would see Myles there, who was about her age. As she got older her crush grew bigger until one summer 7 years ago, he saved her from unwanted advances from a guy at the hotel bar. She thought there was a real spark, but then she didn’t see him again. Fast forward 7 years and Tessa is back at the resort with Roxanne and their best friends Clea and Lois. They are there for a girls’ trip before Tessa and Roxanne’s family arrives for Roxanne’s wedding. And guess who is back at the resort? Myles. Little does Tessa know that Myles had a crush on here for all those years too and that he wasn’t just a guest (and then worker as he became a teen) at the hotel but that his family owns it.

Tessa has a chance to actually talk to Myles this summer, but she’s still shy and awkward as ever. However, Tessa’s sister and friends are determined to run her love life because when they were teenagers they made a contract with all different friendship promises including that if any one of them was single at 30 they would all get control of that person’s love life. Tessa doesn’t want them to get control and tries to sabotage their efforts to set her up with various men at the resort. Myles comes to her rescue and helps her!

I loved the premise of this book and how they knew each other for over 20 years but never really spoke beyond a few words here and there. It was such a sweet story! I loved Tessa and Myles, but Tessa did frustrate me a little towards the end. Myles, though, stole the show for me. He was so funny and thoughtful and amazing. The thing that did not make this a 5 star read for me though was Tessa’s sister and friends. They were so annoying and immature at times. But, my love for Myles and Tessa made up for it.

Read this if you want a spicy romcom with the childhood crush trope!

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