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Iceland Day 3: Lava Tunnel, Off-Road Buggy, & Bridge Between Two Continents

Day 3 in Iceland was packed with sights and activities. We woke up early to get breakfast and drive to the RaufarhΓ³lshelli Lava Tunnel. The lava tunnel was formed after an eruption thousands of years ago and it was really cool to walk through (well at least the part that has been excavated and made possible to walk through). The red color in some of the rocks is from rust. It was actually pretty cold in there!

After the lava tunnel we grabbed lunch and then drove down to where we went off-roading in buggies with Buggy Iceland. While we killed time before off-roading we went by this cute little town where I took a few pictures and then right outside the buggy office there was smoke from geothermal hot springs. It smells pretty bad!

Then we went off-roading and felt like we were astronauts going to space in our big suits and helmets! The ride was so fun! Originally my cousin and I were going to switch off driving but I was having a lot of fun as the passenger and recording video without the anxiety of flipping us over or hitting a big rock lol. At one point we had to cross a ravine and I was not expecting to get soaked especially with those big suits! I immediately felt water seeping into my pants and underwear!

After this we had wanted to see if we could view the volcano that is currently erupting, but it’s in a remote area and you have to do a like 5 mile hike to be able to view it so we went to The Bridge Between Two Continents, which is a small footbridge that connects the North American and Eurasian Tectonic Plates!

Then it was dinner and the drive back to the hotel in Reykjavik.

If you missed it you can catch up on my day 1 and day 2 recaps!

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