“Roomance” Book Picks

What is “roomance” you ask? It is when roommates or people rooming together end up falling for each other. Here are some books I love with the trope!

  • The Flatshare – Tiffy moves into Leon’s flat after her and her boyfriend break up and she can’t afford a place on her own. Leon needs the extra money. There is only one bedroom, but they work opposite hours so they never see each other, but they leave notes for each other.
  • The American Roommate Experiment – Rosie is Lina’s best friend from The Spanish Love Deception and Lucas is Lina’s cousin from Spain. Lina and Aaron are away and Rosie’s apartment ends up having an issue that requires a contractor to come and fix. She uses her spare key to stay at Lina’s but doesn’t know that Lucas is in town and staying there too.
  • Mr. Wrong Number – Olivia moves back to her hometown after a bad breakup and her apartment burns down. Until she can find a place of her own she moves in with her brother and his best friend, Colin. Colin was her childhood crush turned enemy.
  • The Chase – Summer just transferred to Briar U and her housing falls through. Her brother, Dean (from the Off-Campus series) has already graduated, but he knows there’s a spare bedroom at the house he used to live in. Summer moves into a house of hockey players including Fitz, her brother’s friend that she had a crush on when she met him the year before.
  • 5 Rounds – Remy has to move out of her apartment as soon as possible and her best friend Jax comes to the rescue. He has to go away for business so she can stay in his bedroom while he’s away. The only problem is his roommate is Tristan, Jax’s other best friend, and a guy she can’t stand. They have known each other for years through Jax and because they train at the same MMA gym.
  • Exes & O’s – In the first book in this series, Crystal and Scott got engaged. Now they are moving in together so Crystal’s sister Tara moves in to Scott’s old bedroom in the apartment he shared with his best friend Trevor. Tara is a nurse and book influencer and loves all things romance. She decides that maybe a second chance romance is in the cards for her so she goes through all her exes to try to find the one and Trevor helps her.
  • Fair Catch – Riley and Zeke were best friends as kids along with her twin brother. Then, her brother is in a tragic accident leaving him paralyzed and she blames Zeke. She promised her brother she would take his place as kicker on the football team. Now, they’re in college and she’s the kicker for the football team. Zeke is also on the team. Due to a housing issue, she isn’t able to dorm alone in the sports dorms as planned and the staff assume that since she grew up with Zeke, they could room together.
  • Hail Mary – We first met Mary in Quarterback Sneak when she was rooming with Julep in a house across the street from where a bunch of the football players live. We learned that Mary didn’t care for the football players especially, Leo, but never knew why. Now Julep has moved with Holden and Mary is on her own when the house floods and she needs a new place to live. Even though she can’t stand Leo, she takes him up on his offer to move into the football house.

I love these roomances and I know I’m going to have more to add to the list eventually! I know for a fact that Emily Henry’s upcoming novel, Funny Story, that is coming out in the spring is a roomance and I can’t wait!

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