Ed Sheeran - Metlife Stadium
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Ed Sheeran at Metlife Stadium

This past Friday night I went to see Ed Sheeran in concert at Metlife Stadium. I’ve long loved his music, but this was the first time I saw him in concert and he was amazing live! I’ve seen him perform at awards shows on TV and late night shows etc. and I’m always in awe of how he can perform all on his own basically with just his guitar and loop pedal. I wanted to give a little recap of the evening so keep reading if you want to hear about it!

My friend and I bought tickets just a few weeks ago for this show. We bought tickets in the 200 level which is sort of in the middle. Not bad seats at all. We had work during the day so we weren’t able to leave until around 5:30. The show started at 7pm with Anne-Marie and Snow Patrol as the opening acts. We were supposed to get there by 6:30, but traffic was horrendous! Like worse than normal Friday rush hour traffic. It was so bad and if you know me, you know that I get carsick in stop and go traffic so this was the worst! I felt like I was going to puke if I couldn’t get out of the car soon and my friend had to go to the bathroom really badly. I told him not to drink his whole bottle of water in the car!

So by the time we got to the stadium lot and were waiting in the mess of lines to pay for parking, he couldn’t hold it any longer. He put the car in park, I had to run around to the driver’s side and he ran to a porta potty. We finally parked and started walking towards the entrance of the stadium around 7:45. Yes, 7:45!

Metlife Stadium

So we go through security quickly and start heading to the entrance of our section. My friend directs us towards the VIP entrance. I said “That’s for VIP, we don’t have VIP tickets can we go through that entrance?” He laughs and says “Oh, didn’t I tell you – I got VIP tickets” but he was laughing so I thought he was messing with me and lying. My friends like to purposely mess with me or annoy me. But, nope, he wasn’t joking – he swapped our 200 level tickets for floor seats!! After missing most of the opening act and feeling like I was going to get carsick at any moment, this was definitely the best surprise!

Snow Patrol - Metlife Stadium

After getting in and going to the bathroom, we caught the last few songs of Snow Patrol. Unfortunately, we missed Anne-Marie, but I’m just happy I got to hear “Chasing Cars”. They sang “Run” while I was in line for the bathroom so unfortunately I missed seeing that one, but I could hear it so I guess that’s something!

Snow Patrol got off around 8:15ish and then we had some down time with the lights back up on in the stadium until Ed Sheeran started promptly at 9.

Ed Sheeran - Metlife Stadium 12

Ed Sheeran started and played/talked to the audience for almost 2 hours (including encore). So incredible considering it’s just him on the stage with no backup band or singers!

Ed Sheeran - Metlife StadiumEd Sheeran - Metlife Stadium 1Ed Sheeran - Metlife Stadium 2Ed Sheeran - Metlife Stadium 3Ed Sheeran - Metlife Stadium 4Ed Sheeran - Metlife Stadium 5Ed Sheeran - Metlife Stadium 6Ed Sheeran - Metlife Stadium 7Ed Sheeran - Metlife Stadium 8Ed Sheeran - Metlife Stadium 9Ed Sheeran - Metlife Stadium 10Ed Sheeran - Metlife Stadium 11

The show was amazing and Ed Sheeran is so good live. I was last in this stadium in July for Taylor Swift. Their shows are so different, but spectacular in their own ways. Taylor Swift’s was so fun and such a visual feast for the eyes and amazing production. Ed Sheeran was fun too, but it’s got a different vibe since it’s him and his guitar with no fancy effects. Both are so good in their own ways!

This video is a good example of how he sets up his loop pedals at the beginning of the songs.

I took so many videos and photos but I just wanted to share a few! The night may have started off rough with traffic and missing parts of the opening acts, but it ended up being such a good night and show. Thanks to my friend for being able to upgrade us to floor seats for no additional cost! It really felt so surreal to be on the field! It was such a cool experience and Ed Sheeran was incredible! I’d definitely see him again.

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