Book Review: Always a Princess

I received Always a Princess by Clyve Rose a while ago and I just read it over the past few days. It is just what my Bridgerton withdrawal self needed. Regency/Historical romance, yes please!

Always a Princess follows Captain Warwick “Wil” Clifton, son to a Duke, and Syeira, a Romany princess. After a duel gone wrong between Wil and Syeira’s older brother, Syeira finds herself staying at Clifton Hall for the forseeable future. Problems abound. If Wil’s father, the Duke, were to find out a Romany camp were on his grounds or even worse that Romany were staying in his home there would be trouble. Syeira must tend to her ailing family. And possibly the biggest problem – Syeira and Wil’s growing feelings and desire for each other. But, Romany and Englishmen don’t usually mix in proper circumstances and definitely not in a relationship.

I loved this story and the development of the characters and love story. It is the definition of a slow burn love story, which always gives me all the feels.

There was one line from the novel that stuck with me.

“Until this moment she had not understood that the freedom to love is the hardest to attain in life by far, and therefore the most precious.”

I highly recommend Always a Princess if you are into historical romance, especially Regency era.

*I was sent this novel complimentary, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.*

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