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Cloud Sherpa Pullover

We got close to 2 ft. of snow here yesterday and it’s supposed to continue to lightly snow throughout today so we’ll see what we end up with! I’m working form home again today and I don’t think I’ll be able to dig out until tomorrow so I hope my school doesn’t expect us to go in tomorrow.

I got this light blue wubby pullover for Christmas and it’s nice and fluffy. I love the light blue color and the button detailing to keep warm. I wore it here with jeans, but I also wore it the other day with lounge-wear joggers so it’s a really versatile pullover. I actually wore it yesterday after my work day was finished and I got changed. And then when I was cooking (using up my leftover ingredients from the fondue I had last week with another round) I was opening the beer I needed for the cheese sauce and it slipped on the counter, poured on the counter, floor, and splashed on my pullover and pants. Fail. The fondue still turned out good, but I had to clean up all the beer so that my floor and counters weren’t sticky, I had to change my clothes, and I ran the exhaust fan in my kitchen to get rid of that beer smell.

Pullover: Aerie (here) | Jeans: Sofia Vergara via Walmart (here) | Boots: UGG

This pullover is called the cloud sherpa and it really does feel like you’re wrapped in a cloud. It’s so cozy and not too heavy or bulky at all.

The pullover comes in 6 colors if you’re interested!

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