September 2022 Book Favs

In September I finished 15 books. Of the 15, I narrowed it down to 8 favorites.

My favorites were:

  • The Wall of Winnipeg & Me by Mariana Zapata – This was my first MZ book and it did not disappoint. I absolutely loved this sports romance with it’s slow burn/marriage of convenience/ grumpyxsunshine tropes. Vanessa was Aiden’s personal assistant for a couple of years. Tired of his grumpy, quiet personality and wanting to pursue her graphic art career full time, she quits. But then the football star begs her to come back, and not only that but he needs her to do him a favor and marry him so he doesn’t have to go back to Canada.
  • An Honest Lie by Tarryn Fisher – This is a great suspense novel. Rainy goes on a girls’ trip to Las Vegas with some girls she’s not very close with. They are friends and wives/girlfriends of friends of her boyfriend. While there she is confronted with her past, which she has been trying to get over/forget since she was a teenager.
  • Buried Deception by Amanda McKinney – I loved this romantic thriller that follows therapist Mia Frost and expert tracker, Easton Crew. They work together to try to apprehend the Black Cat Stalker, whom they think has been attacking young women on the Black Cat Trail.
  • Love on the Brain by Ali Hazelwood – This is a fantastic romcom and like Ali Hazelwood’s other works so far, it’s another STEM romance. Bee is a neuroengineer who gets the amazing opportunity of working on a project for NASA. The only problem is her co-lead is Levi Ward – an enemy of hers from grad school. I loved Levi and might even like him more than Dr. Adam Carlsen from The Love Hypothesis!
  • In the Weeds by B.K. Borison – I fell in love with this follow up to Lovelight Farms in the series by the same name. Evelyn St. James returns to Inglewild to find her happy. It doesn’t hurt that Beckett Porter lives there and helps run the farm and she hasn’t been able to stop thinking about him for months. He also hasn’t stopped thinking of her.
  • One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid – This book was so beautiful and heartbreaking. It did put me back together though! Emma marries her high school sweetheart and just short of their first anniversary, her husband, Jesse, is in a helicopter that goes down over the Pacific with no survivors. A few years later, Emma has finally moved on, begins dating and becomes engaged to Sam, a friend of hers from high school. Then, she gets a phone call. It’s Jesse saying he’s alive and coming home…
  • The American Roommate Experiment by Elena Armas – I loved this spinoff to The Spanish Love Deception. Rosie (Lina’s best friend) and Lucas (Lina’s cousin) end up being temporary roommates. Rosie has recently quit her job and is now pursuing her career as a romance writer full time. The problem is she has writer’s block and the deadline for her new novel is coming up. Lucas proposes to take her out on a series of “experimental” dates to give her inspiration.
  • Glint by Raven Kennedy – (I don’t know why I left it out of this photo because it’s definitely in my Reel!) This is book 2 in the Plated Prisoner series. This series is so good! In Glint, Auren is now being held by Fourth Kingdom, but she realizes maybe she fits in more with these people who she had always thought were brutal, evil people, and Commander Rip than she did back in Sixth Kingdom.

Have you read any of these books?

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