Book Review: Glint

Glint is the second book in The Plated Prisoner series by Raven Kennedy. I loved the first book, Gild, and couldn’t wait to see what would happen in Glint.

If you haven’t read Gild and you plan to then beware that there will be some spoilers ahead!

Glint picks up where Gild left off. Auren has been saved from the Red Raids, but taken by Fourth Kingdom. All Auren knows about Fourth Kingdom is that their king, King Ravinger aka King Rot, and his kingdom are brutal and leave rotting corpses in their wake. King Ravinger’s commander, Commander Rip, is infamous and has spikes on his back and arms.

Terrified of what it will mean to be held captive by Fourth Kingdom, Auren just wishes to find a way back to Midas. But, Auren is surprised to find that she’s not really treated like a captive. She’s given a nice tent with warm furs that she shares with Rip, she’s fed and allowed to wash, and even given wine. She even befriends Rip’s closest friends and guards who begin to train her to fight.

It is through her conversations with Rip and his friends (Lu, Osrik, and Judd) that cause Auren to begin to question her life in Sixth Kingdom with Midas. She defends her life and Midas to them saying everything he’s done (keeping her in a luxurious cage) has been to protect her because he cares for and loves her. Unconvinced, Rip and co don’t understand how she can stand being held back by Midas. Moreover, Rip thinks she’s been made to feel ashamed of who/what she is.

I really loved Glint and how Auren really grew a lot. She realized a lot during this book and really had her eyes opened to what she had been dismissing and ignoring about her life for years. The tension between her and Rip is *chef’s kiss* and I cannot wait to see what happens next for them in book 3, Gleam.

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