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This Guide will Help you to Make your New House Feel Like Home

Moving house can be difficult, not to mention time-consuming and stressful. Ideally, you want to arrive, put your feet up and relax with a cup of coffee, as you think about the next chapter of your life. This can be hard to do if you look around the home and can’t see it being yours.

Hang some Family Pictures

One way for you to make your new house feel like home is to add some family pictures. Get a photo collage of your top prints and display them. Make sure that you have photos in every room so that when you walk around your new property, you are reminded of all the memories you have made. You can also hang your favorite artwork or prints. This doesn’t take long, and it can transform a blank canvas into a home that is bursting with personality.

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Focus on Soft Furnishings

When you move house, you’ll probably want to redecorate. There is nothing wrong with this, but it’s something that will probably have to wait a while. If you want to make a fast change, then one thing you can do is add some soft furnishings instead. Put some nice thick curtains over your windows to add a bit of coziness. You can also put your cushions on the sofas, and a throw over the armchair. Little things like this make a huge difference, not to mention that they are easy ways for you to add pops of color. If you want to try and create your cushions, or throws, then this is super easy to do if you take a sewing class.

Invite Family Round

If you want to make your new house feel like home, then invite family around. Have a party to celebrate this new chapter of your life, and focus on all the new memories you are going to make. Pop open some prosecco and celebrate the fact that you’ve done it. The stress of moving is now over and you can look forward to brighter days in a house that’s suited to your growing family. Ask everyone to bring a bit of something, if you don’t intend on unpacking right away. 

Don’t Eat Out

A lot of people feel as though they need to eat out when they move house. After all, the first day is usually stressful and you may find that you don’t have time to unpack. That being said, eating out won’t settle you in. Try and cook a family meal that everyone is going to enjoy, and have your family sit around the dining table. You may need to use mismatched plates and cutlery for the first time, as you probably won’t have a clue where everything is. Want to make things even easier? Buy paper plates and disposable cutlery, so everything can be thrown away. You’ll be glad you did!

Making your new house feel like home is easier than you think. If you follow these steps, you’ll feel way more connected to your new property.

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