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Starting From Scratch: Choosing Decor For Your New Home

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Moving to a new house can be so exciting, it’s a chance to start fresh! While the physical process of moving all of your stuff from A to B can be stressful, once you’ve arrived at your new place, a world of opportunity awaits. Setting up your new home, carefully choosing items and colour schemes and getting everything looking the way you want it can be so satisfying. But there’s no denying that it’s a daunting task- if the property you’re buying needs full redecoration you’re left with a massive job on your hands. Even if you’re knowledgeable and interested in home decor it can leave you not knowing where to start. Maybe you loved the colour scheme in your old place and doing something similar when you move is a no- brainer? Or perhaps you want to try something different this time? Here are some things to consider. 

Decide on the Vibe

If you fancy a change with your home decor then now is a good time to explore new horizons. Start off by envisioning the mood and ambiance you want for your new space. Do you want a cosy retreat or something with a vibrant and energetic atmosphere? Consider styles- will you go with a rustic farmhouse look or is a modern space more your kind of thing? From these start looking at colour palettes, starting with a neutral shade is a wise idea as you can then build up colours from there. Decide if your neutral base will be warm (creams and ivorys) or cool (shades of grey). If you really have no clue where to start or even what look you’re after then working with an interior designer is your best bet. Companies like Est Est Inc can start from scratch with you, work upon any ideas that you do have and bring them to life in the best possible way.

Keep it Cohesive

To create a sense of flow and harmony through your home, consider choosing a similar wall and flooring colour scheme. This goes back to your original neutral shade, if you’re going warm then go with taupes, browns or camel shades for flooring. If your walls are cool toned then any shade of greys for carpets and flooring will look best. These versatile backdrop colours allow you to experiment with different accent colours in individual rooms.

Add Some Colour

Unless you plan on keeping things fully neutral or monochrome, once you have your foundation in place you can then go about infusing personality into each room. Decide on a colour palette ahead of time, with a selection of shades that all work well together as this will make buying things much easier. Incorporate these through your accessories and home decor- throw pillows, artwork, statement rugs, curtains, bedding etc. These add colour, texture and are the homely touches that finish a room and make it feel like ‘yours’. 

Make it Feel Like Home

Finally, remember that your home should be a sanctuary, a place where you can unwind and recharge. While you of course want it to look nice, it’s somewhere to enjoy and doesnt need to look like it’s straight from an Instagram post or a photo from a home magazine. Don’t be afraid to add your own personal touches even if they’re not ‘on trend’- your home should tell as story of yourself. Add a bookshelf with your favourite reads, family photos, travel, souvenirs and silly bits and pieces that make you smile. Whether it’s an unusual lamp, an ornament rescued from a charity shop or an antique thats been in your family for decades. 

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